Each of our devices has been carefully calibrated before you receive it. We calibrate them after manufacturing, and we store all the information on our servers. Therefore, you can use your Lapka BAM with any Android or iOS device—calibration information is updated automatically upon activation.

We use police-grade fuel cell sensors—the most precise alcohol sensors. Normally, these sensors have a lifetime of around 10 years, and they tend to last longer when used frequently compared to seldom use.

Although the sensors have been designed for frequent use, their accuracy could be temporarily reduced when used repeatedly. Sensors tend to get less accurate after 5-7 measurements in a row, and they will need approximately 30 minutes for respite. More than 20-30 measurements per day will also make a sensor less accurate; however, it will be fully restored by the following morning.

Lapka BAM provides ±15% accuracy, which is comparable or better than most other same-class breathalyzers.

— What are the effects of humidity and temperature?

Lapka BAM is not optimized for very dry or wet air; exposing the device to these types of air conditions for an extended period of time might reduce the sensor's sensitivity. However, after returning the device to an environment with regular humidity (30-95%), accuracy will be restored without any loss. Regarding temperature, Lapka BAM is most accurate between 20 and 40ºC.

— So, when does it need to be calibrated?

You do not need to worry about calibrating the device for at least one year after purchase.

Lapka BAM is capable of approximately 1,000 measurements using the same accuracy before calibration. Over time, however, you may want to consider calibration after approximately three years of regular use or after one year of intensive use.

We are also working on our own calibration service, so we will be able to handle the entire process and save you time. There will be more details regarding this later in the year.

Do you still have questions? We would love to answer: support@mylapka.com